The Fabulous Ten

Are you tired of the phone never ringing? Is your appointment book empty?  Would you like a full schedule of eager and willing clients that will return time and time again?

If this is you, then the “Fabulous Ten” system is the answer to your prayers.  The “Fabulous Ten” is what I personally use in my boutique photography studio and has helped me to double my income every year for the past three years.

I now have all the clients that I want!

One of the programs included in the "Fabulous Ten"

The Fabulous Ten Program Booklet

So what is the “Fabulous Ten?”

In short, the “Fabulous Ten” is a system for bringing clients to your door. You see, the hardest part of any small business is finding new clients. You have probably spent a lot of money already on websites, postcards, yellow pages, etc., in an effort to attract the elusive new client. That’s because you know that a continuous flow of new clients is the lifeblood of any business.

Now you must have heard about this system from somewhere. Perhaps you saw one of my blog postings or you came from one of my favorite forums. If you know me, then you know that I am all about doing things the most efficient and effective way possible. That is what the “Fabulous Ten” is all about, bringing in new customers in the most efficient and most effective way possible. The Fabulous Ten…

  • Shows you how to build a list of partner business that are motivated to refer high quality clients to you.
  • Increases your profit by concentrating on clients that are eager to buy.
  • Establishes trust with your client before they even meet you because they come from a trusted source.
  • Establishes you as the local expert in your community.
  • Is easy to implement with the ready-to-print files included in the “Fabulous Ten” download.
  • Requires minimal upkeep if you follow my advice.
  • Requires little in up-front costs.
  • Pays for itself with just ONE new customer.

The “Fabulous Ten” is now available for a special low price of only $79.99.  (Over 60% off regular price)

Included in the “Fabulous Ten” are the following:

* Complete Getting Started Guide with a thorough explanation of each program and how to implement it.
* Layered PSD files of all the presentation materials you will use to build your list of partner businesses.
* Layered PSD files of all the materials you will provide to your clients as part of the “Fabulous Ten” program.
* Maintenance checklists for each program, to help you set it, and forget it!

The Fabulous Ten presentation materials that I use to build my client-building network.

The Fabulous Ten presentation materials that I use to build my client-building network.

I have been holding off on releasing this program for a few months because I wanted to make it easy to use for everyone.  Finally, I made all the updates I wanted to make and am ready to release this to all of my friends!  I have received quite a few inquiries as to when this would finally be available and I apologize that it took this long. But the wait is worth it!

Wait No Longer!  Over 400 Megabytes of Time Saving Files are Ready for Immediate Download!

To get started building your own list of high paying repeat customers, just click the order button below.

The Fabulous Ten pays for itself with just one new customer!

All orders are processed immediately and your Fabulous Ten Program will be available for immediate download.

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