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Adding a Domain to your webhost and Setting Nameservers

Once you have chosen and registered your webhost and your domain name, you now need to tell domain name where to point visitors.  This is done by setting the Nameservers.  Think of nameservers as the address of your webhost.  You need to tell the company that hosts your domain the address of your webhost.  Since I use Godaddy for my domains and Bluehost for my websites, I login to Godaddy and set my domain nameservers to the address for Bluehost.

Note: If you use the same company for both domains and webhosting then this step is done automatically. This is one advantage of using the same company for both.

To set your nameservers on Godaddy to Bluehost perform the following steps:

1.      Login to your account.

2.      From the home page, click the Domains->My Domains link to open the Domain Manager

3.      You will be shown a list with your domain.  Click the name of the domain for which you want to set the nameservers.

4.      Click the “Nameservers” button on the toolbar displayed…



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