Photography Website Survey Results

I recently submitted a survey to the over 900 members of regarding their photography business website. There were some very interesting results.  Below is a sampling of the answers I received…

What type of website do you have for your business?

30% = I have a Flash Website and a separate WordPress Blog
28% = I have a fancy Flash Website
16% = My Website is made with WordPress
10% = My Website is made from HTML Website
10% = I have a Website, but I don’t know how it is made!
4% = I have a HTML Website and a separate WordPress Blog
2% = Website? I don’t have a website!

It is interesting that the majority of the photographers I polled had either a flash website or a wordpress blog in conjunction with a flash website. I understand the attraction with a flash website as they are usually quite visually beautiful, however there are sever limitations as we shall see later…

Who created your website?

72% = I did it myself
21% = I hired a professional
5% = A family member or friend made it for me

No big surprise here, the majority of photographers created their website themselves. This seems to be a growing trend as the tools are easier to use and the cost of a professional web designer increases.

Are you satisfied with your website?

41% = It is just okay
33% = Yes I am completely satisfied
25% = No it needs an overhaul

The majority of photographers felt their site was ‘just okay’ or needed an overhaul.  Only 1/3 of those polled were completely satisfied with their website.  Even more interesting are the comments received when asked what they would change about their website.  Below are the responses…

What would you like to change about your website? (expense, time, results, etc)

  • My wordpress needs some help looking more professional
  • Just updated it and it will be going live within 2 weeks
  • My wordpess needs some help looking more professional
  • Copywriting
  • Results and more engaging
  • Needs to be updated
  • Easier to update , etc…
  • I would like to move away from flash and go with a CMS site where everything is neatly in one place.
  • I need to add a proofing section but they are soooooooooooooooooo expensive!
  • Client viewing area and testimonial page
  • Nothing, I just wish I had the time to update it as much as I’d like.
  • I need a cheap, easy to manage site that looks like a million bucks!
  • Look more professional.
  • I would like to customize it a bit more and make it look less like a blog… but would still like to include a blog. I also would like to learn to make it more effective!
  • Results
  • I would like to integrate a self hosted shopping cart that I can control the product offering (prints, gift certificate redemption, promos).
  • Copywriting
  • More flash, easier simple navigation. One that works on all browsers.
  • Able to get it pinged on search engines.
  • Better SEO for the flash part
  • More interaction
  • More traffic
  • Increase the number of visitors, increase the conversion rate
  • Colours, look, content
  • I am not sure! But I haven’t improved due to $.
  • Just created it but will be looking for a more professional option
  • I am not completely satisfied but I don’t need a complete overhaul
  • I like it but want more flexibility and options for layout and content
  • A comprehensive CMS so I don’t have to do everything with XML, a bit less flash so it has better SEO.
  • Actually I just personalized my smugmug site a little and that is all I have.
  • Results
  • Mix Flash with HTML
  • Need to hire to set a website up for me personally
  • The client galleries, the speed at which it loads

I found it interesting that there were many repeated themes in the comments to include : Getting results, more traffic, increasing conversions, more professional appearance.

Based on this survey, it is apparent that the majority of photographers want a professional appearing website that gets results!

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