What is Branding?

I’ve recently noticed there is a lost of confusion about what branding really is.

Just the other day I read a forum post in which someone was attacking someone else over what was just a sheer misunderstanding of the term branding. The very next day, in a different post, someone was saying that branding wasn’t important because colors, styles, design elements come and go out of style.

I’ll just speak for myself here, but I know I’m not alone when I say this; you have to understand that I speak of branding the way they spoke of it when I learned it in college- and that is the effort to understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects, by strategically preparing your company for every point of public contact- these strategies are known to me as branding, and so that is what I call them.

Most of us that talk about branding seriously, are not talking about the outward appearance of your business, unless we specifically speak of names, logo’s, colors, and graphic design elements.

We are talking about your businesses communication and fulfillment strategy itself. The promise your making to your customers and the way in which you design your business to make and keep those promises. The success of your brand is measured by the sum total of your clients experiences and their perceptions of you. Your brand lives in the minds of your audience- not in the colors or styles of your logo, or marketing material designs.

To me, branding is a foundational piece in your business and one you do not want to be without, and that is why I talk about it so much. But, sometimes I don’t stop and think that I need to explain what I am talking about, and that I am not talking about graphic design, but rather business building strategies.

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