Busy with Photographer Branding Packages

I’m busy, busy, busy — this month is shaping up to be a busy one. Not only am I working overtime in the studio, since our other photographer is moving to another state, I’m also working on several photographer branding design packages.  This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now.  You all know how much I love branding and how important I think it is to our businesses.  Well, these branding packages are great way for other photographers to get their own brand in place quickly and affordably.

To start, I will be launching 5 sets, and then the plan is to launch a new set each consecutive week following the launch. Each set will be presented as a pre-designed set; meaning all a photographer needs to do is simply download the set of their liking, put their name on it, and they will have a complete, and professional looking presentation to represent their photography brand.

Each set will also be completely customizable for you tinkerers out there. Based on feedback from my recent survey I am jam-packing each set with 13 coordinating templates. Everything from business cards, brochures, information trifolds, promotional post cards, to blog headers, logo stickers, DVD/CD labels, greeting cards, and gift cards… this list goes on and on! The best part, they are available at very affordable prices!

These packages are perfect for photographers who don’t have the money to hire a custom branding professional, or aren’t yet ready to hire one, but still want and need a professional presentation for their photography services. Like I said, once the first 5 sets are launched, I plan to launch a new set every week thereafter. So, if there is a particular design feel you’d like to see in one of the upcoming collections, or you just have some ideas for me, please submit your suggestion on my website at: http://www.brand-ography.com/about/suggestions

I’d love to hear from you, and get your input and idea’s and include something in the collections that’s just your style. Please understand that I am currently getting a lot of requests for designs, so if I don’t personally respond to your suggestion, please know that I do read all emails, and I put all ideas into my data base, and they are very important to me. I will set aside some time as soon as possible to work your request, and all other similar requests into a design collection.

Check out a sneak peek at my first Branding Package here

Sandy Schurz

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